Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Invited to Doha

The government of Qatar has invited me (as the representative of the International Business Institute at Austin Community College) to participate in a three day conference on Democracy and Free Trade.  The conference is being held in Doha, Qatar on May 9-13.  As I understand it, only 3 from Texas were selected for this honor and ACC is the only Community College in the U.S. that was invited.

If a conference on Democracy, Development and Free Trade is not interesting enough, one being held in the Middle East during these turbulent times is a tremendous opportunity to explore the democratic movements that are emerging in the region as well as the business opportunities for Texans as a result.

The invitation has got me thinking about the nature of a democracy and the associated freedoms necessary to develop a climate of free trade.

So, ov er the course of the next few weeks, I hope to blog about the trip to Qatar and about the events during the conference.  I will try to post at least daily.

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