Sunday, May 8, 2011

Arrived in Doha

8:30 PM in Doha. Qatar Airways was a first class airline all the way. Through customs in a snap with nowhere near the hassle entering the U.S. The only glitch was arriving and there was no one there to greet me and take me to the hotel.
This was the first time I ever traveled to a foreign country and didn't know where I was staying when I got there. After about 10 minutes walking back and forth looking for someone holding a sign with my name, a Doha Forum representative found me and I was taken to the Sheraton Doha Hotel.

The view from the hotel is fabulous.  Skyscrapers were lit up and reflecting off the Red Sea.

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Doha at Night (viewed from the Sheraton)

The conference starts in the morning.  More then.

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