Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Small Business Growth through Exports

Go Global Young Company, Go Global!

Sixty-seven percent of the world's business activity is outside of the U.S., yet we only export some five percent of what we manufacture. That creates a huge opportunity for small businesses to grow their markets exponentially by exporting.

Does your product have potential in an overseas market? Small businesses can compete with larger companies in the global marketplace. A little extra effort is necessary to bring your product to foreign markets, but there is plenty of support available to help small businesses tackle this huge, growing market.

In addition to training sessions provided by Austin's International Business Institute at Austin Community College, the Small Business Administration, the US Department of Commerce Export Assistance Centers, and the Austin Chamber of Commerce's International Business Coalition, are but a few off the resources available.
This six-minute YOUTUBE video will give you a sense of the possibilities discovered by Southwest Windpower -- the 2009 SBA National Exporter of the Year.
The video covers how to find the best markets, how to find and select local parters, how to insure you get paid, and how to use freight forwarders to navigate the regulation, logistic, and delivery issues.
Small business growth through exports is not rocket science.  While it does require a little more planing and flexibility when dealing with foreign markets, the rewards are a world awaiting our quality U.S. products.
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